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Creative, versatile, and unique space suitable for a wide range of events – seminars and workshops, book and product launches, courses and trainings, events for entrepreneurs & start-ups, private events for companies, events for NGOs, fundraisers for good cause, filming and photo-shootings, galas, and receptions, and more.


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Upcoming events!

Tastes of the World Night

Would you be curious about the spicy, aromatic meals of the Arab World? The cold meats or the wonderful desserts of the French Kitchen? Maybe the cheese specialties of the Northern countries? We came up with the idea of discovering the flavours of the world together during one cozy evening. At the first meeting, on 18th…

Past events!

Spring Women’s Day Workshop

Everything around us is slowly filled with life. Just as spring arrives, let us step into our homes with just as much life and color, with a beautiful flower knocker made by us. We have prepared another workshop for you, this time we would make a spring knocker together, in a good atmosphere. Pleasant music,…


In the period of waiting, silence, shared joy and attention, we thought of creating something together, something festive, something natural and most importantly, to do it all together. Our choice was to create a table decoration, by combining a candle, moss, dried decorative plants and small Christmas decoration elements, we plan to introduce a unique…

L’atelier Open Day

Take a look into the heart of the city in a new, groundbreaking co-working space. To a place where the work environment represents new values. What would you say if you had the opportunity to work in a modern, fully automated social space, where the environment is inspiring and everything is provided for you to…

Champagne masterclass & TASTING at l’atelier

It’s a Saturday afternoon in November (12th at 4 pm), so we’re not going to get overly technical and take things too seriously, however we invite you to learn a little more about what’s behind the Champagne label at our first public event at a special space in the city, at l’atelier. The number of…

Grand Opening

You are invited to attend the opening ceremony of Satu Mare’s first co-working space.   Friday, November 11th 2022 Time: 6 pm Location: P-ța Libertății nr. 14, et. 1